Jade Roller FAQs


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I’ve been getting so many questions on my latest instagram story highlighting my Jade Roller and Eye Patches!

Do this thing actually work?

  • YES! I’ve had my Jade roller for about 1 year now and I can noticeably see a difference in the bags under my eyes and wrinkles on my forehead!
    - I wake up so early for work or auditions and usually go to bed between 1130PM -12AM. I am paranoid I will look like a zombie with big thick bags under my eyes because of how bad my schedule is that i’ve been using the Jade roller the helps with blood flow. I try to roll my under eyes and forehead for 20 - 30 seconds.

How often do you use it?

  • I try to use the Jade roller 2-3 nights a week before bed and the in the morning when I’m drinking my coffee.

How do you use it?

  • I’ve been pairing my Yeouth Skin anti-aging serum with the roller. Just a small dime sized dash of any serum will do and then start rolling baby!

I’ve added the link to the Yeouth Skin Serum here!

What does it do?

  • The Jade Roller is said to improve blood circulation, skin tone, skin elasticity and lymphatic drainage. It also reduces puffiness, wrinkles, darkness under the eyes, and eliminates toxins. It can also be used on your face, neck, back, arms and legs wherever you need to massage and relax.

  • I’ve definitely noticed a difference on puffiness under my eyes and not as many severe wrinkles on my forehead.

Where can I buy this?

  • The cheapest ones I’ve find have been on amazon. The one I currently use is attached here there is also one quoted by the infamous Nurse Jaime (celebrity skin technician) which I’ve tagged that here.

Gold Eye Patches

My go-to eye gold patches are the LA PURE 24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask! <—— Click here to order!

Main Benefits

•Reduce The Appearance of Crows Feet

•Reduce Eye Puffiness

•Hydrate and Moisturize your skin

•Help Prevent Premature Skin Aging

•Reduce Inflammation

•Helps De-puff Area Under Eye

•Reduce The Appearance of Wrinkles and Dark Circles

I use these patches 1x a month when I am need a quick fix to under eye puffiness, they are great before a big audition or a full day of meetings. They are a total life savor!